13 January 2018 0 By Pao de Chavez

I am obviously on an indefinite break from blogging. There are a lot of times that I need to figure out a lot of things about myself so I can effectively help. 🙂 #Writing is one of the ways I can help people whose passion is to write and/or read articles.

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Since I still can't find the balance between blogging and my daily tasks, I am still on hiatus but still receiving messages and concerns just in case you need someone to talk to.

So my website is a little useless at the moment, but I want to share something to those who are interested in reading blogs, articles, poetries, etc.

Since most facebook groups are intended for bloggers to help other bloggers, Dr. Roel Hernandez of The Bloggers Masterclass and The Ugly Writers has thought of a way to reach both writers and readers to encourage people to write and read if they want to.

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If you are a writer, by joining the group #writing and adding #writing to your articles and posts, you can easily reach readers. (Share your articles at The Ugly Writers website)

If you are a reader, you may also join the group and search for posts and articles that you are interested in reading. (Read articles at The Ugly Writers)

Feel free to join the group, write and read articles that you are passionate about! 🙂