Ask for an Advice or Share Your Stories at Dear Pao

Ask for an Advice or Share Your Stories at Dear Pao

19 May 2017 0 By Pao de Chavez

Do you want some advice or do you want to share your story?

I understand that sometimes, even if we have friends and families to talk to...there are things that we prefer to ask somebody else. This is the reason why I started this Dear Pao portion of my blog.

Dear Pao aims to help people voice out their thoughts, heartaches, problems and all sort of things that they are having difficulty expressing. I cannot promise to solve all problems. In my own little ways, at least, there will be someone to listen to you and free up a small burden. If we are lucky, I can really give some sensible pieces of advice.

Dear Pao wants to share what you share because (maybe) someone out there might just happen to come cross the same situation as yours.

Dear Pao is for everyone! I do not care about your age, your race, your color, your gender, your education, etc. I do not judge (because I am not a judge hahahaha). I do not choose who to help, as long as I can. Feel free!!!

Dear Pao is for free! I will never ask for any amount in return but I will appreciate if you share this to your friends.J That way, we can reach and help more people who would like to be free from depression.

You may contact me anytime 🙂

I respond within 24-48 hours upon receipt of message.


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