Wish Card with Art in Island

Wish Card with Art in Island

25 September 2018 5 By Pao de Chavez

My first event for Wish 107.5: Wish Card with Art in Island

Lately, my passion for writing has been slowed by a lot of things including myself! It might not make any sense to you, but yeah, it happens. Life happens. However, if you are actually certain about something, you will always find your way to it. In my case, my love for music, art and writing actually have helped me find myself once more.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Thomas Merton

It was like a dawn of light when my group (The Bloggers Masterclass) got invited to collaborate with Wish Card International - the home of the newest and actually one of best FM apps in the Philippines. Imagine being on the brink of losing your blogging opportunities (because yeah, life happens) but I was given one that I can get inspiration from. So much for my personal stuff! Haha.

Wish Card International invited bloggers and/or vloggers for events and project collaborations. Lucky to be one of them! 😀

The event was held at Art in Island, Cubao, Quezon City. A lot of bloggers and/or vloggers participated in the event through giving insights and clarifying details about future collaborations. For the first time ever, I met my sisters and brothers from TBM and here are some of them that I was able to talk and take pictures with:

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Cafe Minuo served us with some really good snacks before we were given the chance to explore the wonderful 3D paintings around the venue. We also watched a short but really an amazing video presentation featuring the paintings and the lighting effects.

Here are some of the pics from our meetup: Wish Card with Art in Island

What I like about Art in Island:

  • Many paintings to take photos with
  • A mix of classic, contemporary and modern 3D paintings
  • Huge area
  • Innovative AVP
  • Nice cafeterias
  • Souvenir stores

What I think would help it improve:

  • Visibility of First Aid or EMS (because if children will come to visit, they will surely run around, they might slip)
  • Non-slip rags (because of the previous thing I mentioned)
  • Optional stools for children (because some attractions are not applicable for taking photos when you have a little child with you)

If you want to take a visit at Art in Island, these are the things that you have to remember:

  • Entrance Fee:
    500 for Adults
    400 for students (do not forget to bring your school ID with you)
    Discounted fees for PWDs and Senior Citizens (ID please)
    Free entrance for children 3 feet and below
  • No shoes allowed. You may use foot rags provided by the museum or you may just stroll around barefoot or with your socks. Wearing high heels is extremely discouraged (if you still want to, you may try).
  • Use of tripod is not recommended. You may use your selfie sticks but bringing in your tripod may cause hassle for you and for the other people who would want to take photos with the art pieces.
  • Do not run around. Just enjoy looking at the art pieces without running around the area. Running may cause you some serious injuries if you fall and slip (foot rags/socks can make the area a little slippery than when you are going to roam around barefoot)

I am really thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to spend my work weekend with wonderful people, at a feel-good place. I am really looking forward to future events that I can write about.

Thank you, Wish 107.5 and Art in Island!