The Bloggers Masterclass: My Ultimate Go-to Blogging Community

The Bloggers Masterclass: My Ultimate Go-to Blogging Community

9 November 2017 3 By Pao de Chavez

Middle of this year, I seriously started (and stopped due to many life restraints, and started again) to revamp this website, joined different blogging groups like The Bloggers Masterclass. I actually have a previous blog that contained journal type posts, my thoughts about the highlight of each day. I believe that every day, there comes a time that you will notice something extraordinary, and you will be able to write your thoughts about that.

Guess what? I got tired of doing the same stuff that I do, thinking what I was doing was senseless. I was so immature that I had to delete all of my blogs and pabababam! I don't know if there are other survivors hahaha.

Year(s) of Torment

2010 was a year of torment (for me) and it was a struggle facing each day. Also 2015? 2016? I seriously can't remember. Kellee Waters, a mentor/boss/friend from Australia, has been sending me huge favors in helping me pick up the pieces I lost - to finding myself again. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of happy moments but getting myself almost dead/jugul/whatevs was a struggle.

I always write, but that was because I was tasked! I write for the sake of getting things done. I lost my touch of being able to express myself. Nakakainis no?

Then there came a day that I started writing little memorable stuff day after day. Started from a notebook, then private blog, then here. I started making my own website (which made me regret a lot of things, haha).

Revival of My Blog

Well, as you can see, my site is almost done. (Pwede? Pwede na? Pwede ba? Hahaha) I was able to practice building a website from scratch, learned some new things about blogging and made new friends.

While I was re-building my blog, I joined a lot of blogging groups hoping to find helpful tips and all, then I came cross Doc Roel.

I follow threads from different groups, and was able to personally ask him questions. He was really patient and nice coz he answers all of my questions, even those that I think were stupid. Hahaha. Maybe people get to notice him answering their questions, and became the go-to-mentor of the group. Then after a week, he started our own group: The Bloggers Masterclass.

The Bloggers Masterclass

The Bloggers Masterclass has been a home to professional writers, budding writers, international writers, enthusiasts, and an amateur like me. There were a lot of helpful, inspiring, smart, nice, encouraging people from all over the world and I am glad that I am one of the 100-first handpicked members.

I have seen "quality" people added up from our group and witnessed how people help each other without asking for anything in return. Now that I am writing about how I feel being a part of this group, I am at a loss for words. It is just overwhelming and giving any adjective to describe the interaction and care for each member is just underrated. I don't know if I actually make sense, but who cares. Hahaha. I am writing because I am happy seeing people supporting people. Also happy that I see strangers turn into virtual family. Hmmm, also happy because I found (errr, was found by) this group. *Faith in humanity x 100++*

This group is just starting. I can't wait to see it become World's No.1 Blogging Community.

Thank You

Dear friends at The Bloggers Masterclass,

Marisse, Honey, Kershelle, Tish, Lawson, Sella, Marvin, Kara, Karlas, Doc Roel and all of the other members.... Wiheeee! Thank You for the support and all! <3