Tea Tone by The Kusingeros: Home Where Good Food, Drinks, and Music Collide

Tea Tone by The Kusingeros: Home Where Good Food, Drinks, and Music Collide

18 October 2018 2 By Pao de Chavez

TeaTone: A Perfect Place for Relaxation

TeaTone by The Kusingeros is the perfect place where you can chill and listen to Wishful music. If you happen to come by the vicinity near Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong, do not hesitate to visit.

TeaTone Map

Find them here πŸ™‚

TeaTone is owned by the Santos Family. I know a little about this talented family. One of the things that is truly remarkable is that they were able to fuse their love for music and food!

The Kusingeros

The Kusingeros: Gab, Kim, Jon, Marilyn and Codi

Sometimes, if they were able to prepare, they perform in front of their audience. If not, they feature performances of friends.

Recently, since they are all busy, they made a short segment called DISH. It is similar to a typical karaoke setup where you pay to sing a song, but this one is for a cause. The proceeds all go to cancer patients they are helping financially, and to those who have little wishes in their community.

A family working on their passion and business at the same time is quite an amusing team to watch. This, I think, is a reason why they have been featured on My Puhunan.Β They also received various awards and nominations for their one-of-a-kind concept, ambiance, and entertainment that they cater to their customers.

The Price is Right!

Food price ranges from 55 pesos to 150 pesos (list of snacks still under finalization but for a teaser: buffalo wings, nachos, mojos, pasta, and fries). Drinks can be bought from 60 to 499 pesos. Aside from the consumables, the feeling that you get when you spend your time here is generally, priceless!

TeaTone On The Go

TeaTone On The Go

My personal favorites are: Wintermelon Milk Tea, Yakult Lychee and Matcha Milk Tea. Most of my friends know that I am not a matcha fan, but they got me liking it (tears) πŸ˜€ For food: oh, how I love their buffalo wings and bacon pasta. (I love to eat, ya know?)

Want to bring over the gang and have a clean walwal with your barkada/tropa? They offer Milk Tea Tower for sharing!!!! (Tol, ano na? Tara? Walwal? :D)

TeaTone with Students

TeaTone with Students

A Work-In-Progress

The place was having some sort of a renovation when I first tried to visit. I was not able to take a lot of photos aside from my baby enjoying her drink.

It may not be the perfect time to enjoy the ambiance on that day (and time), to be brutally honest, but I can see that their hard work will make them achieve a better and fresher place that they can offer their customers.

I appreciate the effort that the Santos family puts into their business as I personally watch them manage the renovation, involving the whole family by giving one task per member, aside from the staff helping them. What a nice sight to watch, made me actually teary-eyed a little.

I got curious on how the place will look like after the renovation scene, so I decided to make a second visit. It was a packed night where I get to see happy customers who have been spending time at TeaTone since 2014.

TeaTone Regulars Since 2014

TeaTone Regulars Since 2014

Although the place was packed, the staff has always been warm, accommodating and nice. Special mention to Pam and Mhai!

TeaTone with Mhai

TeaTone with Mhai


I think the place is already good to begin with: air conditioned, relaxing, a nice place to just chill and be away from stress. However, if you will come in groups, you might want to try and reserve because the place is a little limited. I wish-a-wish they get to expand this branch so that they can cater to more customers in the future.

Overall think and feel? Hmmm. They got me at playing Wish and Live performances, they got me at milk tea, they got me at food! Only one more thing to say!

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