Life, Suicide and Antidote

Life, Suicide and Antidote

19 May 2017 0 By Pao de Chavez

Suicide: Not An Option

Suicide, if you think of committing it just because you see what's wrong with your life or how big you messed up and that you have no way out: it won't make things any better.

Try to imagine this: you were given finger nails and they will eventually grow and get dirty. Some people let them grow and get dirty while some people cut them when they get dirty. Would you just cut your nails when they get dirty or would you choose to cut the whole hand so no nails will get dirty?

Similar if someone decides to end his life because he knows he fucked up big time, no hope, no solutions -- NO MORE CHANCES, NOTHING TO HOLD ON TO.

People think suicide would end their problems because they just focus on their mistakes and they find no solution. Mistakes can be stopped and corrected. Yes, we can never bring back time, but we can make use of the rest to make better things.

Why do you have to give up? Do you have to end your life just because of some mistakes? Would you choose something that would end your opportunity to get things done or to make things better?

Clearly, there are reasons that can make us sad or even worse- suicidal. But come to think of it: why would you choose to leave just because of one mistake when there are more reasons to stay because of the good things that could have been considered?

Thing About This

No one runs a perfect life, makes a perfect decision, or whatever. We are all flawed creatures bound to mess up at a certain point in our lives.

Let us face it, life is unfair

A classic example: charcoal is made up of carbon, so is a diamond. Although they are both of the same element, charcoal is not as valuable and precious as a diamond.

Imagine yourself as a charcoal turning itself to a diamond as time and struggles pass you by.

Something only becomes precious as time passes by, that is, when you only hold on to your faith, hope and decide to endure the pain and the struggles as you turn yourself into your best version.

Charcoal easily breaks because it has not endured time and its natural process. Diamond becomes hard and it shines as time passes and as how nature molds it to become strong.

Still unfair?

Let's accept the fact that yeah, life could be unfair. I asked a friend and gave me this response: Life is both unfair and fair. It could be unfair but it can only be on the surface and we might find our real strength within so we could endure it (김성태, 2012). And I think by that, he means that life could be fair if you get even with it.

You get even with life when you challenge your reasons to justify your suicide. So get back up, and fight the urge. Get back up because you are stronger than this. You know there are a lot of options and solutions. I will support you. 🙂

So much thoughts may have occupied our minds, pressured our souls and fucked our systems up but one thing remains -- LIFE IS A BATTLE THAT WE HAVE TO ENDURE, WE HAVE A GREATER GOD. Our hope is dependent on our faith, and we have to keep both of 'em strong (Heb 11:1).

You should never say that you are alone. PRAY. Seek Help. Talk to me 🙂


NOTE: If this is an emergency suicide situation
Philippines: (02) 804-4637; 0917-5584673;
and 2919 for Globe and TM subscribers.
USA: 1-800-273-8255

**will update contact info for the other countries once I get to have 'em**