★ What I Do ★

I ADVOCATE for Mental Health

As a certified Mental Health First Aider, it is my job and moral obligation to help people who are struggling with any mental health issues. I am keen on reaching people to raise awareness on how we can properly take care of our mental health. I want to use my knowledge and professional qualification to support people, and I think it is my life's purpose.

I am currently exploring ways into having my degree pass its equivalent here in Australia. I will be a licensed psychologist, I know I will.


Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday

I am a freelance instructor. I have been teaching English to Asian students since 2007.


I started writing in 2007. However, I got a huge break in writing when I was able to contribute to an Australian magazine in 2015, the iSelf Magazine.

The managing editor of this magazine is Kellee Waters, the leading Clinical Psychologist here in Australia.

What I love about contributing to this magazine is its aim to educate people about taking care of one's self.

iSelf Magazine Australia


Another thing I love is listening to music. In 2017, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of WishCard's partner bloggers.

I was tagged on various projects and events. While writing about these things, I was also able to gain precious friends, some of them are close enough to be considered as my family.

I was also given the chance to be a part of this event as their partner blogger. Again and again, when asked about my concert experience that night, I would say that this concert has made a huge impact on me. I made friends, and I can say that these people I met are some of the greatest ones ever existed.

From the artists, its staff, its photographers, and my fellow bloggers.. This project is totally unforgettable.

Saxophone Idols Live in Action
Saxophone Idols Live in Action 2

A part 2 is necessary when you see the promising success of its first event. Yep, you're right, it had its second volume. 🙂

The production team was able to justify its need to produce a second part.

I was a blogger for the first concert, and for this second part, I was glad to be one of the event organizers.



I can never claim that I am a pro. I play games when I want to. 🙂 Since the pandemic, it is one of my ways to spend time at home, with my husband and child.

During my me-time, I maintain my podcast: PsychoPaoCast (available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts). My podcast is mainly about my advocacy: Mental Health Matters. I kept a podcast because I want to reach more people and influence them to properly take care of their mental health.


As a blogger, I am often tappped to try on brands and make some review. It's what I usually do. I advertise brands that I support. 🙂 Here are some of the brands that I have worked with! Click on the photos to get my personal discount code!