Quote Challenge: Don’t Quit on Love

Quote Challenge: Don’t Quit on Love

8 November 2017 0 By Pao de Chavez

I have been on hiatus for the longest time ever, but here I am breaking that silence. I was tagged by a fellow writer, **Marisse Lee, to take on this challenge and post a quote that will make you think twice about quitting on Love.

"I love you, and that's the beginning and end of everything."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

When you think of quitting: remember this quote, remember the feeling when you first loved the person you are about to quit on.

Why do people quit on love?

  1. Fell out of love?
  2. Unsettled differences?
  3. "Walang Forever" (I/We don't believe in forever)
  4. Have had enough?
  5. Just can't anymore?

These are the things that we often hear from people who decided to break their relationship. But whatever the reason is, when you love, you just don't quit.

Love is not just a feeling, because feelings come and go. It is something that you nurture, something you decide to do/live by on a daily basis. Imagine the world when just one person quits on love. You just don't quit on love.

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Falling out of love is something that you can prevent if you decide on actually loving the person you are with. Love is unconditional, and whatever the reason is (well, for me: except third party hahaha), you don't just quit on it, you pick up where you left it and fix, and nurture it.

You don't quit on love just because you can't settle with your differences. No two persons are alike, none ever! Accept that there will always be things that the other is not going to change. Compromise, but you do not force. Argue, but you have to meet halfway.

Walang forever is cliche for people who end their relationships. I think therefore I am, diba? Wala talagang forever sa mundong ito (Nothing is forever on this world). Even stars die. But for people who really love, you don't just quit because nothing is forever: go back to what my quote is. Everything has it's end, let the end be love.

When you think you have had enough, remember love may have its end: but let it be love. So you will never say, you just can't do it anymore.

**Marisse Lee goes by her pen name Harping by a Pixie, an entrepreneur by day, dreamer by sundown. A curious, irreverent and mischievous soul. A blogger whose poems I really love.