Game Over: MOVE FORWARD and Start Again

Game Over: MOVE FORWARD and Start Again

19 May 2017 0 By Pao de Chavez

I wrote this short note 7 years ago (on my WP/FB notes) and I haven't changed a single thought about moving forward. So to all people out there looking for the motivation to move forward, here's something that might help. 🙂

Mourn but Move Forward

Nowadays, people mourn over their regrets, their mistakes and their solitude. I often notice, and also by experience, that people feel alone when they think nobody understands their situation. It has always been unfair to be judged just because people never knew why we mourn in the first place.

We are made to feel what you feel - we are allowed to be vulnerable at times. However, it is also our responsibility to find the strength within us to carry on and move forward.

We Win Some, We Lose Some, That's Alright!

Losing our ways because of the sudden twists of fate, we all experience that - we just need to find our way back. Feeling unhappy because it's not only the path that was lost, but also the strength and the momentum that we have along the way - take some rest and figure things that you think might work.

We were made to believe that we always walk along with the people we value the most, only to find out that we may lose them too. This can make us feel as if nobody will ever get to understand us, since no one's left. Having this kind of mentality makes us fail because we do not quit focusing on one person. As a result, we cannot finish what we've started, we cannot succeed and hit our goals.

Are You Ready to Take a Step Forward? Here We Go...

We must not nail ourselves to that certain road or portion of our journeys. Do not to bury ourselves deeper, the fact that we feel that we are already drowning from our tears.

Let our tears shed, for these tears may also mark the path that may lead us as you move on. Just remember: do not drown ourselves from these tears.

As we move on, we start a new journey. Convince ourselves that we do not need another person to walk with us. We walk on your own (if in case someone walks along, it wouldn't be that hard if that person takes the other road different from ours).

The lessons and experience that we may learn are all priceless.

Trust God and the Process

Our fall would motivate us to carry on, and MOVE FORWARD. If we will just have the courage to finish what we've started then we never have to fear and feel weak. The One who is guiding us along the way is mightier than anything this vast could ever have.


​We move forward simply because we long for satisfaction and improvement. We move forward not for somebody but for ourselves. There may not be another person who would benefit from/share our journey, but the most important part is we've decided to show the world that we are stronger than who we were before and that we have learned how to keep up and survive along the way..