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It is really important to talk to someone and release your problems and stress. In addition, talking to someone helps prevent major depression and it is easier for the person to unload that heavy chest!

If you need someone to talk to, someone to listen to you or someone to ask --
FEEL FREE to Contact Pao by filling out the form below.

If this is regarding the tutorial, please do not hesitate to Contact Pao directly by clicking
BMESL Tutorial Services

You can also reach me via email: or
SMS (WhatsApp & Viber): +1 (671) 689 6634

(24-48 hours response time)

NOTE: If this is an emergency suicide situation
Philippines: (02) 804-4637; 0917-5584673;
and 2919 for Globe and TM subscribers.
USA: 1-800-273-8255

**will update contact info for the other countries once I get to have 'em**
It is really important for people to seek help!
Cherish life and always maintain a positive outlook in life!