About Pao


E/INTJ || Actually, Ambivert (53% E; 47% I). But leaning to Extraversion. LOL.


Born and raised in the Philippines, but currently living somewhere in the US. I thank God for how He made me the way I am.

Maybe this face is obviously telling you how my HS fellas came to the idea of calling me by PAO, SIOPAO or XIOPZ.
To state the obvious: ROUND, FLUFFY, WHITE FACE that people could not resist to pinch.


Rarely seen at home even before the age of 18. No, not bitchin' around coz I'm a conservative-type**. Not that I do not love going home, but I had to work while attending school. Lived in with some female friends, then got into a condo unit near my office at 21. Average of 2-3 jobs (freelance stuff included), plus school = almost 16-18 hours out. Almost sent myself through college, but I have to acknowledge my dad's undying effort and support. It might have been prideful on my part to reject any financial aid from anybody, and I feel a 3% remorse from doing so BUT this gave me a wonderful experience to prove that

** By conservative-type, I mean: No booze, no O.N.S., no sex til married/technically had my own place and 100%committed, no bars, no smoking, no pots and weeds, not fun?? Boring??? Naaah. Still fun with lots of foods, loud laughs, good conversations - intellectual/sensible/crazy, good books, good movies, travels, trips to dance studios coz I got a huge love for dancing, good music coz I sometimes sing lol, drawing and crafts, sports and crazy friends.


Like how you have just read about being a working student, yes, it helped me become versatile. It was really hard for me to juggle everything: from being on time at work(s) and in school - to deadlines, from keeping up with my academics - to maintaining a good performance on whatever job I accept.


I will be a hypocrite if I say that I never thought of giving up. Just like everybody else, I had my (ginormous) share of ups and downs in life. Yeah, I might have thought of giving up but NEVER DID I. I have to keep myself strong, with the help of the most wonderful people in my life, then came SUCCESS to whatever  I do.

CONTROL is POWER, my friends. Control yourself = No troubles, no heartaches, no regrets.

I admit that sometimes I am totally clueless of what's about to come or what I am about to do, being headstrong (not hard-headed, lol) and open to learning opportunities made it easy for me to absorb knowledge and take control.


Yeah. I feel this everyday. From the people who have never ever let me feel down since day 1 (my family, my friends, my mentors).


I have one of these life goals- to be an achiever, ever since I was young. Consistent honor student (elementary), science high school scholar and awardee (college). I easily get to have friends (a lot of friends, even my teachers) not because they find me smart or SUCKY/SIPSIP/STRAW (this, I HAAAAAATE/ DESPISE THE MOST) BUT that's because they find me CRAZY.
I wish I can tell you about my preschool and elementary days, still have lots of vivid memories, but I would rather tell you something from HS to present. Cutting you the slack.

In HS, I was dubbed as my batch's CRAM QUEEN, SIOPAO FACE and DANCE FLOOR QUEEN.
Let's skip the Siopao thing. Don't want to rub it again and again. Just makes my face fluffier. LOL.
Yeah, being the Cram Queen has both its good and bad side. Bad coz it somehow shows that I'm a lil irresponsible to do stuff beforehand. A lot of good because:
- I get to enjoy my life doing the other things that I want to do
(be a cheerleader, be in a dance troupe, be a volleyball varsity player, have a band, sometimes design the school's bulletin board, write, have tons of laugh with my friends, eat a lot, sleep a lot)
-I get to move and do things faster as the deadline approaches (I do things on the day of the submission)
-It gets creative juices efficient hahaha quick quick quick

I basically did the same thing in college minus the dance troupe, the sports and the cheer leading part.
Obviously, that was because they were replaced with WORK, WORK, and WORK. Oh, plus DEBATE TEAM!
This is the time that I also met Von, my husband (then, boyfriend).
College life ROCKS! I have the most colorful love life, most active participation in everything in school, etc.

I loved BS Computer Engineering but added more to life when I took AB Psychology. It gave me the opportunity to discover the PSYCHOTECH in me. (I don't care if you jokingly read it, whatever, works both ways though. LOL.) hard to explain, but a shot on being an inventor and blablas.
I love my PSYCH Family. Indebted to my mentors and friends.

Then WORK. I had been into various companies, different jobs, different positions (from staff to manager), BUT teaching will always have a special place in my heart.

My colleagues are part of the family I chose for myself, the same way that I chose my friends.
I wanted to also explain why all my life I have been dubbed as a "Crazy Colleague" but I can only laugh hard. I do remember that there were a lot of times I made my friends laugh at me, my misfortunes, my sarcasm and my antics, but the reasons or the stories - I just can't remember. Countless, man. Countless. As what an old saying goes: It is easier to remember how you felt than trying to remember the reason behind it.

Pao Today

I know I can do a lot of things, but I seriously STILL need to learn tons about other stuff.
I love to learn new things. It is what I (want to) do every single day, from every single thing that I come across of.

I take care of my family. I love my family. Being a wife to Von and a mother (to an adorable lil girl) - it's a multitask that I have to improve on. And while being a wife and a mom, it does not exempt me from being a daughter, an in-law, a grand daughter, a niece, a cousin, a student and a friend.

I was a VA (until March 2016). I had to stop coz I had myself into a serious health condition that has paralyzed my function. I have just recovered this 2017, and still on the road to a continuous (full) recovery.
I still take writing projects. Because I love to write and I still can.
I manage my ESL business. (BMESL: Bright Minds ESL and Tutorial Services)
I am an entrepreneur so I still look for other opportunities and make some investments.
I love being of help to other entrepreneurs though I feel so limited atm (will NEED TO UPDATE this ASAP).
There are still other things that I can/might help you of - see here, or email me at ​dearpao@paodechavez.com

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