5-Minute Make Up Tutorial

5-Minute Make Up Tutorial

23 June 2017 2 By Pao de Chavez

Do you want to look good but you don't have much time or don't know how to put on make up?

Most of us wish to look good every single day - whether in school, office or just at home however, we do not have the luxury of time to put on full make up or follow a tedious beauty regimen to make us look good. Yeah, I definitely get it! Full day, busy schedule sucks but it's a reality that we could not live without!

Some of us, including me, do not really know how to put on make up without looking like Dracula (super dark eye shadows plus bloody red lipstick). But we want to try it so bad, without exaggerating our looks and losing our faces' natural features!

"I have no time to do this and I really don't know how :(" - Say no more!

5-Minute Make Up Challenge

My take on Nica's #5minutemakeupchallenge 

I want you to try this! I am here to share a really quick make up routine made by my really really good friend, Nica Reyes, as she guest blogged for MarketingMom.

If you are on data and you just wanted to read about it, you can find the original post here: 5-Minute Full Make Up Tutorial .

Or watch the video below! Have fun and get ready to strike a pose! 🙂