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Thank you for visiting my website! On this website, you will find different things about me: things that I do, things that I am passionate about and things that are basically interesting for me.

I am starting up this ❤️Dear Pao❤️ segment on my blog where my goal is to help people who are having troubles in facing their problems. Although I am not an expert, I am ready to listen and help those who need someone to understand and help them release their worries and heavy burden in their hearts. ❤️

Not perfect, but NOT ORDINARY!

What is a PsychoTech Enthusiast?
PsychoTech is a randomly coined term by my institute's Psychology Department (Mapua Institute of Technology) in its attempt to incorporate Psychology and Technology.

Why am I not an ordinary enthusiast?
Well, I am not an ordinary enthusiast because I really wanted to find a lot of things proving that Psychology and Technology can work together and improve mental health. ❤️

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